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Tasting of Caviars

Caviar menu at Indian restaurant – The Cinnamon Club

Starting August 11 –  September 6, 2014

A delightful fine dining experience is all about discovery. Unearthing exciting new flavours and ingredients is what makes modern Indian dining so much fun. At the Cinnamon Club, we always strive to push boundaries and create the most innovative culinary concoctions that will inspire the most enthusiastic of diners. Our philosophy is to be bold and experimental with statement Indian flavours, to transform an otherwise traditional Indian restaurant dining experience into a truly memorable and inspiring moment, which diners will cherish forever.

Sampling a combination of deliciously unusual flavours is the best way to dine in London’s top restaurants. There are so many wonderful restaurants to choose from in the capital, but if you want to mark a special occasion with an unforgettable treat, think outside the box, and sample something luxuriously different. Our new Caviar tasting menu will transport your tastebuds into a realm of pure discovery. The Cinnamon Club will take you on a unique journey of exploration and culinary expertise. Slowly savour the delicate, distinctive flavour of the most exquisitely produced Italian Caviar, combined with a selection of our elegantly spiced Indian cuisine.

Celebrating enduring fame, Caviar has remained the most luxurious of delicacies within the finest of circles. The mystery and mystique that surrounds these morsels of decadence make this rare, celebrated ingredient a lavishly exotic, sought after treat.

How it is served & enjoyed ?

Traditionally paired with a floral Champagne or crisp dry white wine, Caviar should be served simply, with a plain blini and a little crème fraiche. The delicate flavours should not be overpowered but simply fuse together and melt-in-the-mouth effortlessly.

Origin of the Royal Siberian Caviar

Farmed in the Perle Noire region, the Emporium Nova Classique Caviar is the finest of Siberian roe. Matured for 3-9 months, it’s rich and intense in colour with a firm texture. Experience the exotic, robust flavour with delicate aromas of the sea that on first bite will gently effervesce revealing a sensual burst of flavour against the palette.

Spiced Caviar Menu

Let your senses guide you on a culinary voyage with the finest of Italian Caviar layered with a sumptuous saffron uttappam and masala sour cream, placed on top of a delicate Bombay style potato chaat; a miniature moment of foodie heaven.

Our Caviar tasting session can be paired with either an exquisitely selected Champagne Ayala Rose Majeur or choose an elegantly floral, charming Chablis, both of which will intensify and enrich the wonderful flavour of the Caviar.

If you’re looking for a London’s fine dining restaurant with a difference, in a relaxed and sophisticated setting where you can relish the flavours of the finest Indian cuisine, the Tasting of Caviar at the Cinnamon Club is an arousal of the senses, where you can revel in the magnificent taste of luxurious Caviar dining.


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