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‘A Life in Spice’ – Bijoya with Friends

‘A Life in Spice’ – a series of intimate events which celebrates the incredible journey of The Cinnamon Club over the last two decades.

We are thrilled to announce the fourth event in our ‘A Life in Spice’ series; a decadent Bijoya Feast at Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea.

In India, Bijoya is celebrated as the last day of the Navratri festival, and in Bengal it’s celebrated for the entire 3-week period between Dussehra and Diwali.

This special time is spent celebrating with friends and family, throwing lavish dinners and parties, and exchanging gifts and sweets.

Each day of Bijoya is an opportunity to celebrate one’s blessings with the family. We have created this Feast with exactly that in mind.

Rajeev Kumar, Head Chef of Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea, will be accompanied by Hari Nagaraj, Rakesh Nair, Sankar Chandrasekharan and Vivek Singh to present the joyous feast, which comprises twelve dishes which have never been seen on any Cinnamon menu! The variety of exquisite dishes is guaranteed to take your taste buds on a glorious journey.

Join us on 19th October at Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea to celebrate all that we have. 



Hyderabadi lamb marag soup with vegetable lukhmi (Hari Nagaraj)

Litti chokha – lentil filled doughball with roast tomato relish (v) (Rajeev Kumar)

Kozhi chuttathu – Country style grilled chicken on the bone with coconut and spices (Rakesh Nair)

Lamb chaaps – double cooked lamb chops with Malabar garam masala (Rakesh Nair)


Ilish macher korma – Bengali style fish curry (Sankar Chandrasekaran)

Prawn malai curry with coconut and cardamom (Vivek Singh)

Methi begun bhaja – aubergine & fenugreek stir-fry in mustard oil (v) (Vivek Singh)

Lucknowi chicken biryani with burhani raita (Hari Nagaraj)


South Indian curry leaf rice (v) (Rakesh Nair)

Vegetable khichdi (v) (Rajeev Kumar)

Radhaballavi – deep fried stuffed bread (v) (Sankar Chandrasekaran)


Khaja & Patishapta – Sweet pastry and kheer filled pancake (Rajeev Kumar & Sankar Chandrasekaran)

It is priced at £65pp. You can purchase your ticket here.


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